Art Square represents a symbol and concept for the working style of the company.

Today, the business world could benefit from interaction with seasoned and internationally minded artists, who are open for exchange. Globally performing artists with an uncompromising commitment to quality, are one of the few true philosophers in our societies.  They have acquired a deep and intimate knowledge about humanity, and our hidden, unknown emotions, during their entire lives. They can help us, to sharpen our perception for the present by helping us to take a completely different point of view and by setting up common projects.

With an artistic investment 

VETRO "ART PIECE ОДИН  - No 1"/ VETRO "Kunst - Stück - No 1"
Fractals = Leadership Philosophy for a sensitive Future (created in 2011)
Together with a graphic designer a postcard was created, dedicated to the company's leadership principle for a sensitive future. In 2011 numbered editions of this postcard were distributed to personalities, companies and institutions who share an entrepreneurial, sensitive and longterm  oriented philosophy with VETRO. Today, personalities who embark on projects together with VETRO, receive an individual hand written dedication of the VETRO Art Piece No 1 postcard.

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