VETRO partners:

Prof. Dr. Rolf J. Daxhammer

EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Reutlingen University, Stuttgart

Common publications
Prof. Dr. Rolf J. Daxhammer, Reutlingen university and the company share common research topics, such as the scrupulous analysis of the causes and environments characteristic for stock market crashes - with a special focus on Japan.

Common innovative university didactics and teaching
New ways of teaching have been developed together during lectures for the international student audience characteristic for Reutlingen university .
A rich pallet of innovative teaching environments has been created, such as playing financial roles and role switching in the framework of very practical questions, such as investing assets for pension funds.

Anna Tsareva, Sociologue


Anna Tsareva, sociologue, PhD, lectures at St. Petersburg State University. Her research about communication habits in the virtual world of the knowledge society, her fresh and creative teaching styles, contribute precious inspiration for educational designs. She represents more than ten years of experience in innovative teaching in higher education, including a track record as a journalist and publisher. In the past, she trained firms in St. Petersburg in the field of economics, during four years of a demanding transition phase. She also developed training programmes for the St. Petersburg State University of Telecommunication, chair of management of communication organizations. Anna Tsareva works with the company since 2004.

Oleg Kosarev, Visual Arts


Oleg Kosarev stands for more than twenty years of experience in the field of visual arts. An educational background in the restoration of polygraphic works and bookbinding, is an important mosaic piece for his artistic projects. His focus can be described  as finding answers in the form of visual arts, such as fotography, to the psychological challenge,  how individuals adapt to a changing social reality. Oleg Kosarev worked with theatres, dance companies, scientists, magazines and authorities in  St. Petersburg, in the role of a trainer and illustrator. He can look back on four exhibitions of his graphical work. Oleg Kosarev works with the company since 2004.

Marcel Dalichau, Junior Project Manager 


Marcel Dalichau, senior student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, plays an important part in seminar design. His developing background in economics, focus on quantitative methods, finance, and sociology is a fine webgeners’ match with the skill palette of the company. He helps seniors to develop  creative seminars for international executive students in management. His contribution consists of bringing in the virtual view of the web generation, combined with his sensitivity and critical views how to integrate arts and music into workshop - ateliers. Juvenile charme and commitment are valued assets contributing to company’s profile.



Prof. Dr. Rolf Daxhammer

Rolf Daxhammer


Anna Tsareva

Anna Tsareva


Oleg Kosarev

Oleg Kosarev


Marcel Dalichau

Marcel Dalichau