Art Square represents a symbol and concept for the working style of the company.

Today, the business world could benefit from interaction with seasoned and internationally minded artists, who are open for exchange. Globally performing artists with an uncompromising commitment to quality, are one of the few true philosophers in our societies.  They have acquired a deep and intimate knowledge about humanity, and our hidden, unknown emotions, during their entire lives. They can help us, to sharpen our perception for the present by helping us to take a completely different point of view and by setting up common projects.

With an artistic investment 

VETRO Series No 2 / VETRO «Cabinet Pieces»
Series of Clap Cards - «Kabinettstücke», started in 2014
Reflecting thoughts about modern Swiss manners and manners in general, a series of more than 20 cabinet pieces - clapcards - has been created.

VETRO Photo «Stilettos versus Scottish Gear», Glyndebourne, 2016.
« A candid intention to understand contrarian views implies a great opportunity for new insights ! »

VETRO Photo Passau, Bavaria, 2016
« Si chiude una porta e si apre un portone ! »
« May one door be closed - it opens up another gateway»