Financial Management and Services for MicroFirms

MicroFirms can be very small regarding personnel, but can have tremendous international scope, working with many different countries, and across different jurisdictions. Their financial needs may be tiny, but can be very complex. 
These MicroFirms also deal typically with large financial institutions, accounting houses and legal departments on their clientís side.

This type of firm is relatively young, and often cannot receive tailor made coverage by large financial institutions, which need to standardize their financial products to a high degree.
MicroFirms often cannot find financial solution templates in text books, which are oriented and tied to just one jurisdiction.

For MicroFirms it does not make sense, to dedicate human resources to a full chief financial officer position. VETRO can offer 10 years of experience working with large financial institutions, assisting them to shape their financial operations to be compatible with huge departments on the client side. VETRO can also negotiate on behalf of MicroFirms with large financial intermediaries.

VETRO offers international MicroFirms calculation of the firmís market value, calculation of business scenarios, individual investor reporting, and financial management in the sense of developing firm specific financial guidelines. VETRO can also train MicroFirmsí staff to execute the firmís specific financial guidelines, and shape implementation of firm specific financial policy, such as cash management, treasury functions, and currency mix of cash flows.